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Photo engraved glass

My glass gift engraves photographs, logos and your messages inside glass and crystal gifts in 2D and 3D. Our site offers a large range of personalized glass gifts: photo paperweights, photo plaques, photos in pendants, 3D engraved keyrings and personalized trophies.

Cadeau personnalisé avec photo grâce à la gravure photo sur verre

Engraving photographs inside glass: The order process

We will explain in detail how the order process works from you placing your order for your personalized photo gift, through the transformation of your photo into a file our laser machines can engrave, to its dispatch to its final destination.

Receiving your order and preparing your photograph for engraving

After having chosen your glass gift, you choose the photograph you’d like to personalize it with, download it from your pc or phone, add an engraved message if you’d like then click on order.

We receive your order and check that everything is as it should be, payment, delivery address item selected etc.

We then open your photograph in photoshop. The size and shape of the photo gift you have chosen will determine how we reframe your photograph. It is reframed with great care to adapt to your glass engraved gift. A photograph for a cube paperweight will not be reframed as for a crystal photo pendant or a small heart keyring. With our 3D keyring we will reframe the photogprah to concentrate on someone’s face for example.

If we have the slightest doubt about whether the photograph is suitable for the chosen glass gift, if it is out of focus for example, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone to ask for a new photograph.

It is so important to us that you are satisfied with our chosen photo gift.

After the work of reframing your photograph it is converted into black and white, the contrast adjusted, and then it is converted into a bitmap of 100 points per cm.

It is this bitmap that the laser engraves.

Engraving photographs in 3D

Cadeau personnalisé avec une gravure photo sur verre en 3D

Creating a 3D file for a 3D photo gift is another procedure all together. This is the work of our experts aided by highly specialized software . The depths and distances have to be analysed to transform your 2D photograph into a 3D form our laser machine can engrave, whether this be a human face, object, building or animal. The result is extraordinary.

Preparing your order for engraving and despatch of your finished personalized photo gift

At the same time as your photograph is being managed, paperwork is being prepared to send you your finished gift as soon as its ready.

When your order arrives with us your order number enters our system and every item in your order is tracked with that number. A delivery note is printed ready for sending your personalized gift to you.

Engraving photographs inside glass

My glass gift has 2 laser machines to engrave inside glass. The lasers are linked to our order management system. As soon as your order arrives it is placed in a preproduction zone before going into ready production when your photograph is ready to engrave.

Machine servant à graver le verre au laser

As your order moves up the line the personalized glass gift you have chosen is taken from the shelves and placed under the laser. The laser is centered according to the glass gift chosen and then started.

Thousands of engraving points are made per second as the laser follows the engraving file of your photo we have created. 10 microfractures per mm are made to recreate your photograph and text.

The glass surfaces remain untouched, the laser has gone through the surface to engrave in the heat of the glass. Nothing added nothing taken away.

The photograph and message are suspended inside the glass, they will never fade over time or suffer from the sun or pollution.

Gift boxes for your personalized photo glass gift

After the engraving your gift is carefully cleaned and placed into its gift box or velours pouch if you have chosen a photo engraved pendant.

Coffret cadeau en verre personnalisé

It is then placed with any other gifts you have ordered into a box, carefully taped up and sent out to you by post or carier depending on what option you have chosen.

Please see below a video of our cube keyring and cube paperweight which show clearly the engraving in the heart of the glass.

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