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How to order personalized glass gifts?

We will explain on this page the different stages in creating your personalized glass gift up to placing your order.

1. Choose the glass gift to personalize

We try to offer a large range of personalized photo gifts, photo plaques, 3D keyrings, photo cubes, and 3D vitricsbox, divided into different categories accessible from the the home page.

1.1 Choice of themes in My glass gift

  • Choose by theme or the occasion, birthday, wedding, new born baby.
  • Choose by type of gift, photo plaque, photo keyring, photo paperweight and pendants for example 3D engraving. These are items in which we can engrave your photograph in 3D.
  • Budget gifts in the budget section.
  • Glass trophies; this is a section for awards and trophies.
  • Trophées en verre personnalisé : une section destinée aux récompenses sportives

1.2 Choice of different styles of glass and crystal gifts to personalize.

Once you have decided on the occasion you can see all the different gifts we offer. You decide on your photograph so we’re only there to make suggestions.

There is a short description of the gift when you hover over it with your curser.

Click on any gift to get more details and how you personalize it.

2. Choose the personalization of your gift

Some gifts have space for a photo and text to make a complete photo gift of you may choose to personalize with only a photo and let it speak for itself.

Once you’ve decided download your photograph and go on to the final part.

2.1 Personalizing with a photograph

This is the field where you go to find your photograph and download it to accompany your order.

Une fois la bonne photo renseignée, il faut cliquer sur le bouton [commander].

When you click on it it will open a window on your computer so you can find and select your photograph.

When you have clicked on the photo click on order and you will be sent to the checkout. It may take a time to download the photograph so you may not be sent immediately to the checkout, so be patient. Don’t click elsewhere while your photograph is downloaded.

Please note only the following types of file are accepted: jpg,tiff,png,

  • Maximum length of photo: 4000 px.
  • Maximum height of photo: 4000 px.

If there is a problem with a phot the following message will appear:

2.2 Personalizing with a text

With specified photo gifts you can personalize them with only a text or a text message and a photograph. If text is possible each line is clearly marked with the maximum number of letters depending on the item.

3. Ordering your personalized gift

Once your order is in the basket you can check the details, is your message spelt correctly, is it the right photo for example.

You can check if it’s the photo you want by clicking on the blue link in the basket and your photo will appear.

Once you’ve checked everything you just have to click on order!

3.1 Finalizing your order on My glass gift.

This is the last stage to complete your order.

There are 2 possible scenarios:

  • You have already ordered and in this case you fill in the boxes with your identity code and password. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten it there is button to click on!
  • You have not ordered before and so you can create an account if you wish or make a rapid purchase where there is less information to fill in.

After this stage you will be asked to chose:

  • A invoicing address,
  • A delivery address (is the gift for you or shall we send it elsewhere),
  • What type of delivery you would like, standard, tracked or urgent,
  • How would you like to pay, credit card debit card or paypal,

Then at last there is the confirmation of your order. Depending on how you have chosen to pay you will be directed to a secure encrypted payment platform which is not on our site.

Here you will be asked to provide your card details.

Please note that none of your bank details come through the My glass gift site. We have no access to these details; your details are encrypted and secure.

We cannot accept payment by cheque.

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